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Backup with Borg

- 9 minutes read - post - linux - raspberry pi

You probably already heard of the OVH’s recent fire. It was a hard reminder for many people and companies. Many websites and services had big outage consequently and some lost everything in the fire Most website went down for few hours. Avoiding service interruption when a whole datacenter disappear is not something easy. Some already had everything in place for this kind of scenario. I won’t talk about that today. […]

Hello world

- 7 minutes read - post - announcement

Hello world Here I am. I finally decide to open a blog. I do so with a bit of apprehensiveness but ambitions too. Let me explain. I read a lot on the internet. With my RSS reader I try to stay out of socials bubble prisons. I’m aware I’m only creating another one of my own, but this way I have the pretense of owning it myself instead of an algorithm built to help somebody else making money on my behalf. […]