Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC - Seirdy

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🐍 Parsing RSS feeds with Python

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Announcements - Ultimatum Launch: Server Issues and Streamer Priority - Forum - Path of Exile

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Path of Exile had a bad launch for their last league. They know it and acknowledged it. It’s really cool they communicate that way. So many companies forget about their failure, or worst, they consider it a success (yes I look at you Apple!). I hope next league will be gentle and people not to hard on them. Failure is always an option, and should not be hardly jugged but consequent actions should, and they were really good in this case. […]

Path of Exile Can Use Torrent to Distribute Upgrade

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I recently discovered that Path of Exile can be upgraded using Torrents. This Is probably not true for Steam users, but it’s a neat possibility. I wish this protocol be more used for this kind of stuff. Maybe we would not have to wait hours for Call of Dutty updates when they are released for example […]

How to disable Google FloC shit for your visitors

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It’s a good thing website can act against this kind of features. The guide at https://paramdeo.com/blog/opting-your-website-out-of-googles-floc-network help configure major web servers to add a header that hopefully Google Chrome tracker will consider and respect. […]