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I take a lot of picture, and 2022 does not make any exception. Most of them stay private, but I like sharing a few. You can see them on this post, and on Flickr. I will post on social platforms the one I like the most.

There is no rules either regarding topics, groups or themes. This page will be updated to include new pictures each time I feel it.

Le’ts go


I find it really hard to take pictures of plants that are relevant and pleasant to the eye. Often, the light is hard to catch, and the dynamic make it hard to capture the scene, moreover when I only have my phone on me.

Photos de musee

Philharmonie de paris

I really love this building. It always catches my eye. You can enjoy it by being close or far away. It’s always a different expérience. Reflections always amaze me and I really like the way the tiles on the walls are shaped. It creates mouvements following curves, shaping the reflections in all directions.


Often, Concerts pictures are awful. Not because the subject or composition is bad, but mostly because it needs good hardware to have decent results. Sometimes, even if the file quality is far from perfect, results feel good anyway.


Paris is beautiful

I made dedicated an article on some pictures of Paris. You can follow this link to watch more Pictures of Paris I took this year (2022).

Thanks reading me watching my pictures,
Bisoux 😗

This page may be updated with new pictures. To get the news, follow me on twitter.com or mamot.fr

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