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Zed is a white cisgender man, atheist, son of a school teacher and an artisan, completely against advertisement and having an open source mind. Soon glued to computers, Zed is a WEB developer, often called a tech guy in the tech industry.

Completely left-handed politically speaking, Zed dreams about a society with not requirement for having a job, and where people can be happy in good conditions doing what they want. Zed may have had too much of Star Trek in his life.

Zed has a pretty easy life of a privileged person , But one day, he decides to open a personal Blog!

The author give us a personal story here. Between strait opinions and technical expertise, the reader is unaware of what’s coming. Between form and substance, it’s really hard to guess in advance what’s the next page will be. Be prepared, all topics are in this epic and endless (we hope) story.

The reader may have to learn French to read all chapters as the author write randomly in english and French.

This blog is not for grammar-nazy (even a little). English writing rules are not stricly followed here as the author entrusted us with details about his disability in the regard. The author has 70% spelling and 90% grammar disabilities recognised by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Every reader can help by fixing spelling by simply following the link located at the end of every page.

Between an autobiographic, world analysis, technical guides, this blog is not for all readers. Often rather than never, readers will pick one chapters of their choosing based on their current feeling.

They did not read it but have comments anyway:


Perfect to keep my kitchen door well opened

Taty Nancy:

I did not understand anything at first. After nine re-reading I finally fixed my Comodore64.

Donald Trump:

The author live in an alternative word with alternative facts. Nothing is true in this blog.

Michael jackson

It’s bad! It’s bad! It’s bad! Hee Hee


Should be a NO GO Zone

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