Paris is beautiful

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I love Paris, since the dawn of my memory. I’m lucky to have studied and now live there I’m near the Gambetta place. It is really easy to find on a Paris’s map. Look for a huge green square on the east. You just found the cemetery of Père-Lachaise. Gambetta, is right on top of the cemetery.

In the area, there is some interesting monuments I saw countless times, mostly in cars from the Périphérique.

Twisted Lamppost Star
Twisted Lamppost Star
Tours Mercuriales
Tours Mercuriales
Fontaine place Gambetta
Fontaine place Gambetta
Buttes Chaumon
Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

The Gambetta neighborhood is really … full of life. Days and night. Not the busier street of Paris of course. In france, every year we have what we call “Fête de la music” (Music party) where the whole country put music everywhere. Come at Gambetta on this time, push your luck to hear the fanfare (or be the lucky one to be awakened by trompette every saturday)

Femme illuminée clappant des mains derrière un Corp
Joueur de saxophone
Joueur de trompette
Un homme et une femme s’éloignant au loin en dansant de joie

I live there for 7 year now. For all this time I never truly took the time to discover my neighborhood outside the streets where I buy food and utils.

Few weeks ago I decided to lost myself in Paris. Recently I willingly lost myself around my place. I tried to make myself aware of the beauty of the city. Street art, parisien typical building and street, broken bench, bucolic streets, I think everyone can see one beauty or another.

Bar wall with street art on it
Fin de course
Car parked in front of a typical parisian bar
Non potable
Lion’s Fountain surrounded by two painted spiders on the wall
Paris à la campagne
Campagne à Paris
Villa Olivier Métra
Villa Olivier-Métra
Voie verdurée
Typical parisian street with plants
Can I Live there?
no so typical parisian houses
Le père lachaise
A woman walking away with a pink bag at Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

What a discovery! I did not expect to find soo much bucolic places soo far away from the typical parisien street style.

I saw some peculiar things worth the look

A bee on the street
Bear in mind
Stay free
Alf saying I like your smile!
Fresque Manouchian
La fresque de Popof
Fresque Elephant
An Elephant on the wall
I Love Koalachnikov
I Love Koalachnikov
A saisir
A bike on takeaway
Attention chat en psychanalyse
Warning, Cat under psychanalyse
Chien gentils Maitre lunatique
Nice dog, temperamental owner
Lapin lunatique
Temperamental rabbit
John Hamon
The mysterious John Hamon
Le loup
Wolf climbing stairs
So I brought light

Paris also contains some famous building it cannot be Paris without.

Le louvre
Pyramide du louvre
National French library
The national french library
Bastille place angle
Republic place with a bench on foreground
Two woman before the Arc de Triomphe
La Tour
THE Eiffel tower with my face in the reflexion
One the l’opéra garnier roof statue
Sacré coeur
Le sacré coeur
La Samaritaine
La Samaritaine
Tour Montparnasse
Montparnasse tower through Eiffel tower
Musée d’Orsay
Orsay Museum
Trocadéro statue
République place

Since I enjoy paris I often too busy to look. Sometimes I try to open myself and my eyes to see teh beautiful and take a pictures. With no order, here is some shot I took. I had to dig in my archives, the oldest picture here is from 2008. This is probably the beginning of my journey as a photographer. I started on film, even if digital camera were already a thing back then. Will you be able to tell ?

MK2 Bibliothèque, les petites salles
Small cinema theatre room entrances
Virgin disco
Virgin Megastore discotheque at Champs Élysée
UGC Wheel
UGC restaurent
A plan toy on a window
A woman waiting, her friends, in the shadows
Madeleine station plants line 14
Métro parisien
Entrance of the métro
La Petite Rivière
The small river in the center of Paris with fashion institute on the right
Les habitations
modern-ish living building in 12e arrondissement
Sun off
Paris from the eiffel tower.
Champs Élysées
Champs Élysées metro station
Escalator Lyon
Moving stairs of Gare de lyon railway station
La Grande
Eiffel tower from the ground
Le Chat
A cat on a window
Red brick building
Le métro parisien
Paris métro
Stairway to watter
TGV at Gare de lyon
Two tourist being taken in picture in front of the eiffel tower
La Villette building at night

I love Paris. This city is as unbearable as I love it. Klaxons noise, emergency sirens, Mad-ish or waisted people at night. But also birds songs, architecture and mostly Art. Art is everywhere. If you pay attention, the streets are full of work of art, from tinny to huge like the unmissable Eiffel tower. From history empowered statues; Curiosity locations; Curiosity people, and sometimes rue people; Tourist waisting your time and patience.

From Paris you can go anywhere. Often you don’t need to get outside the city itself.I happy to live there and, in my way, to contribute. I wish more people could have this opportunity, and Paris was not reserved to people that are rich enough to live there or old enough to have known the war.

One day my feeling towards this city may fade away. Until then, Paris is beautiful!

You can find some of the pictures, and much more, on my Flickr Paris Album here :

Thanks reading me,
Bisoux 😗

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