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Making plants grow inside Ikea Kallax furniture

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Reader: I don’t have the time to read, what are you talking about? Blogger: I plant peppers and show how I turned an Ikea Kallax into a greenhouse for my apartment. It’s cool and works great. I hope, I still don’t have any peppers. Kallax shelf with aluminum on all walls, including the doors. Plants are visible inside. The beginning, plants I have recently developed a new interest: plants! It’s cool and makes the room nicer. […]

2022 though lenses

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I take a lot of picture, and 2022 does not make any exception. Most of them stay private, but I like sharing a few. You can see them on this post, and on Flickr. I will post on social platforms the one I like the most. There is no rules either regarding topics, groups or themes. This page will be updated to include new pictures each time I feel it. […]

Paris is beautiful

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I love Paris, since the dawn of my memory. I’m lucky to have studied and now live there I’m near the Gambetta place. It is really easy to find on a Paris’s map. Look for a huge green square on the east. You just found the cemetery of Père-Lachaise. Gambetta, is right on top of the cemetery. In the area, there is some interesting monuments I saw countless times, mostly in cars from the Périphérique. […]