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Custom package name for go libraries

- 3 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - IA helped

I recently released a small project called poulpe.ztec.fr. I personally use this repository as a library in one of my other projects. When I do so, my import statement looks like this: // main.go import git2.riper.fr/ztec/poulpe I have two issues with this approach: It’s ugly, right ? If I ever change the location of my library, the import statement will break. (You may have already noticed the ‘2’ in the name. […]

poulpe.ztec.fr - The emoji search engine open-sourced

- 1 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - Emoji - Projects

I talked about it in my previous post, I made an emoji search engine. It is integrated into my systems. But as I had sometimes, and it was quite fun to do it, I made a standalone version that I published online Now, you can test it and see the code by yourself. The preview: https://poulpe.ztec.fr The code: https://git2.riper.fr/ztec/poulpe or https://github.com/ztec/poulpe Search result for the query love displaying some emoji related to love Thank you reading this, […]

🐙 Search engine for emoji in go

- 12 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - Emoji - IA helped

For a project of mine, I had to handle emojis. The goal was to create a search engine to find emojis. I am not starting from scratch and have to include my code into an already existing Go program. So, let’s see how to build a little search engine for emojis in Go. TL;DR: The full result is available here: git2.riper.fr/ztec/emoji-search-engine-go You can also test and see the final result. All details here: poulpe. […]

Go Library to Parse EDF Teleinfo Data

- 5 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - Raspberry pi - Data hoarding

TL;DR: I just released a library to read and parse data from french electronic energy meters (linky or older models). https://git2.riper.fr/ztec/go_edf_teleinfo also on github Once upon a time Since 2018, I have a raspberry-pi hanging near my EDF energy meter. Following some tutorials back then, I have connected them to follow my energy consumption in real time. Without going into the details, EDF electronic meter (even before the ugly linky was imposed) have 3 connector on the right lower hand side. […]