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Article with this tag mean I used an IA tool to help me. I mostly use them to fix my text and remove typos. IA is of great help for that.

I also use it to find other ways to translate when I’m short of ideas and not pleased with my first version. Rarely as first translation.

I do not use IA to generate text from scratch or a prompt.

What does Chat GPT thought of that? I asked it:

As an AI language model myself, I appreciate your use of IA tools to improve your writing. Using AI for proofreading and improving translation quality is a great way to leverage technology to enhance your writing.

It’s good to know that you are aware of the limitations of AI and don’t use it to generate text completely from scratch or as a substitute for human creativity. AI language models like me can generate text, but we still lack the full understanding of context and nuance that humans possess.

Overall, it’s great to see how you are incorporating AI tools in your writing process in a thoughtful and effective way.

Below you will find pages that utilize “IA helped”

Making plants grow inside Ikea Kallax furniture

- 9 minutes read - post - www.my-life.com - Plants - Semi - IKEhack - IA helped

Reader: I don’t have the time to read, what are you talking about? Blogger: I plant peppers and show how I turned an Ikea Kallax into a greenhouse for my apartment. It’s cool and works great. I hope, I still don’t have any peppers. Kallax shelf with aluminum on all walls, including the doors. Plants are visible inside. The beginning, plants I have recently developed a new interest: plants! It’s cool and makes the room nicer. […]

Custom package name for go libraries

- 3 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - IA helped

I recently released a small project called poulpe.ztec.fr. I personally use this repository as a library in one of my other projects. When I do so, my import statement looks like this: // main.go import git2.riper.fr/ztec/poulpe I have two issues with this approach: It’s ugly, right ? If I ever change the location of my library, the import statement will break. (You may have already noticed the ‘2’ in the name. […]

🐙 Search engine for emoji in go

- 12 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - Emoji - IA helped

For a project of mine, I had to handle emojis. The goal was to create a search engine to find emojis. I am not starting from scratch and have to include my code into an already existing Go program. So, let’s see how to build a little search engine for emojis in Go. TL;DR: The full result is available here: git2.riper.fr/ztec/emoji-search-engine-go You can also test and see the final result. All details here: poulpe. […]

Webcam on = Lights on (Philips Hue)

- 5 minutes read - post - Linux - Philips-Hue - Tech - Bash - IA helped

On my desk at home, while working remotely and doing a video call, I turn on my webcam. I find it more pleasant for others to be able to see me. I also appreciate it when others do the same, but everyone has their preferences on this subject. To ensure that my image is clear and clean, I installed a lamp that shines a lot of lumens on my face. This way, I’m sure I’m visible! […]