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Webcam on = Lights on (Philips Hue)

- 5 minutes read - post - Linux - Philips-Hue - Tech - Bash - IA helped

On my desk at home, while working remotely and doing a video call, I turn on my webcam. I find it more pleasant for others to be able to see me. I also appreciate it when others do the same, but everyone has their preferences on this subject. To ensure that my image is clear and clean, I installed a lamp that shines a lot of lumens on my face. This way, I’m sure I’m visible! […]

One command to win 1.2To of free space

- 3 minutes read - post - Linux - Ext4 - Tech

TL;DR: Ext4 partitions reserve 5% of the volume to ensure enough free space is always available. I have tuned my ext4 filesystem to reduce reserved space from 5% to 0.05% to maximise usage on a multi Terabytes volume. For that I use the following command sudo tune2fs -m 0.05 /dev/vda I have NAS I have a personal NAS that I manage myself. No TrueNAS or anything pre-made. I manage it myself on a computer. […]

Backup with Borg

- 9 minutes read - post - Linux - Raspberry pi - Tech

You probably already heard of the OVH’s recent fire. It was a hard reminder for many people and companies. Many websites and services had big outage consequently and some lost everything in the fire Picture of OVH’s strasbourg datacenter burning Most website went down for few hours. Avoiding service interruption when a whole datacenter disappear is not something easy. Some already had everything in place for this kind of scenario. I won’t talk about that today. […]