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Go Library to Parse EDF Teleinfo Data

- 5 minutes read - post - Tech - Go - Raspberry pi - Data hoarding

TL;DR: I just released a library to read and parse data from french electronic energy meters (linky or older models). https://git2.riper.fr/ztec/go_edf_teleinfo also on github Once upon a time Since 2018, I have a raspberry-pi hanging near my EDF energy meter. Following some tutorials back then, I have connected them to follow my energy consumption in real time. Without going into the details, EDF electronic meter (even before the ugly linky was imposed) have 3 connector on the right lower hand side. […]

Backup with Borg

- 9 minutes read - post - Linux - Raspberry pi - Tech

You probably already heard of the OVH’s recent fire. It was a hard reminder for many people and companies. Many websites and services had big outage consequently and some lost everything in the fire Picture of OVH’s strasbourg datacenter burning Most website went down for few hours. Avoiding service interruption when a whole datacenter disappear is not something easy. Some already had everything in place for this kind of scenario. I won’t talk about that today. […]